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If you did it on your own, setting up your own website with the capabilities you receive from DealerStore® could cost you a great deal of money and take you months to get online. But when you sign up with DealerStore®, you can Test Drive It for FREE and if you want to keep it it will cost you less than $1 a day.

Get Your Business Online FAST

If you tried to build an e-commerce site yourself, it could cost an enormous amount of money and take six to 12 months to develop. DealerStore® can get you selling online in a few days.

Personalize Your Site

It's easy to personalize your website with DealerStore®. Add your company logo to your site, welcome shoppers to your site with a personal message from you, tell visitors about your dealership, adjust product pricing and link to another web address you own (optional) in minutes.

Expand Your Product Offering

The DealerStore® electronic catalog brings thousands of accessories to your website and to your showroom. Use your website to sell products you don't have room to stock. Your website will offer your customers a fully featured electronic catalog that includes product pictures, descriptions, pricing and other pertinent information; and it's updated regularly. Every time DealerStore® adds products and features your site automatically gets updated, too. Which means your site will never get old.

The DealerStore® Guarantee

DealerStore® is a full service provider of automotive accessories. When you send your customers to our co-branded site your customers will be assured the best service possible. DealerStore® will provide 100% satisfaction on every order processed through our site or with our customer service representatives. As a DealerStore® managed site you are assured that every customer you send to us will be provided quality products and services or we will take back the product no questions asked within 30 days.

Adjust Pricing To Make More Money and Compete

DealerStore® puts pricing in your hands by giving you the capability to increase margins from our recommended prices. You can charge our recommended price or adjust the product's price to be in line with your market.

Use Your Website As A Selling Tool In Your Showroom or Retail Store

Use your website as an extra salesperson in your Showroom or Retail Store. Set up a computer to allow sales people to provide in-store customers access to the products offered on your website. This will help them find the products they want and save you time-which you can then devote to other customers.

Reach New Customers!

Now you can reach customers across the country (and around the world). Your web site will allow you to expand your customer base to the millions of shoppers who surf the web everyday.

DealerStore® Your One-Stop Fulfillment Center

Once an order is placed into your DealerStore® system we take care of the rest. From the merchandising the product to customer service, DealerStore® has you covered. DealerStore® offer you the Complete Solution, so that your customers will enjoy an excellent shopping experience.


Services provided on your website by DealerStore® include:
  1. Product Merchandising
  2. Order fulfillment and shipping
  3. E-mail correspondence with customers regarding order status
  4. Customer Service via phone (toll free) or e-mail
  5. Technical Support via phone or e-mail

In addition, DealerStore® provides you:

  1. Web hosting
  2. Tools to help you customize your own website
  3. Tools that allow you to generate reports to review site hits and sales information
  4. The ability to set product price margins to maximize profits
  5. 24/7 access to these administrative and reporting tools
  6. Regular updates and additions to your DealerStore® catalog
  7. Customer support from the DealerStore® staff
  8. One e-mail account for your business

Additional Services (available for a fee):

  1. Registration of your website with internet search engines
  2. Marketing ideas on how to get the most out of your website


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If you did it on your own, setting up your own website with the capabilities you receive from DealerStore® could cost you an enormous amount of money and take you months to get online. But when you sign up with DealerStore®, you get all of this and you can Test Drive It for FREE.

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